Saturday, 18 July 2015

5 Years Later ...

Finally, after 5 years, a product that runs 24/7 and relies on no more than low ambient lighting yet spins a selection of rotors at speeds that can exceed 20,000 rpm. (It can run at 6,000 rpm by the light from a match or a candle.)

The motor is housed in a laser cut mahogany case 60 x 50 x 8 mm.

This design will NOT be available as a commercial product nor will circuit details be published. The motor uses microprocessor power management / speed control.

Power consumption is extremely low; the solar cells deliver about 1V and the motor uses a few microwatts – probably the same as a watch.

The device is NOT over-unity nor is it truly perpetual – but it has run for a year now on a dark shelf in my sitting room and I expect it to run for very many more.

The point and purpose ? None ! The search for over-unity technology is a hopeless and futile task but to create something that will run forever on a shelf as a curiosity is certainly the challenge !

These motors are fun, they work and they cost little (except time) but they will never, ever create energy - so start enjoying them for what they are and leave John Bedini and others to work with their magic radiant energy and lead acid battery charging !

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