Friday, 2 July 2010

Bedini Motor - Clarification

Bedini 10 Pole Monopole - Only $4200 !!

If, like so many, you believe that the Bedini SSG is an over-unity device then it is not. John Bedini has emphasized this very point on many occasions. (We too were confused by the diversity of claims in this regard !)

We came across the following extract from an article on how to construct a Bedini SSG and it makes it very clear what it actually is :


It must be emphasized that the Bedini Trifilar SG or SSG are not over‑unity (OU) systems. They are only one-to-one energy shuttle systems. They use one charged input battery to charge 4 or more output batteries. When set up properly, one pays for 1 and one gets the input back and three or more others for free.

The energizers are never going to show OU themselves...!!! The OU shows up in the batteries energy capacity. They last longer and take less time to charge - until they get to the point of getting 4 or more charges for the price of one!! The sooner EVERYONE understands that, the better.

This important fact needs to be understood by anyone embarking on this project. The expectation that it (the energizer) is an over-unity device has led to some misunderstandings previously.

John B. designed the Trifilar SG with the Capacitor Pulser and SSG variants as ‘proof of concept’ to demonstrate and prove his method of capturing radiant energy and get the world to understand that it is the high potential, almost currentless pulses that the different variations of energizer put out, that causes what happens within the charged batteries.

This is very important. This is where the radiant energy manifests itself, and what ‘conditions’ the batteries.

The process that occurs in these batteries is referred to as conditioning. Once conditioned, the batteries last longer and take less time to charge, etc... Other benefits are that they will not wear out by sulfate buildup that usually occurs with standard DC charged batteries. They do not suffer from the depletion of water by evaporation from heat, generated by the charging process the way conventionally charged batteries do.

So again we reiterate that the Bedini Motor is not an over-unity device - it is in fact a mechanical lead-acid battery desulphator ! It does not violate any laws of physics - in our opinion it does violate several other laws including commonsense and it can seriously damage your bank balance ! (Ref. : Desulphators)

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