Monday, 3 August 2015

Bedini Motor ?

The motor claimed to be the ‘Bedini Motor’ should in fact be called the ‘Andrews Motor’. Mr. Roger Wayne Andrews of Salem, Oregon filed a US patent, No. 3,783,550, on January 8, 1974, entitled ‘Novelty Electric Motor’. His motor design is the same as John Bedini’s and it seems wrong for others to claim the work and innovation of others as their own.

Admittedly, Roger Andrews had failed to appreciate the subtle potential for his motor to tap into the wealth of 'Zero Point Radiant Energy’ nor its potential for desulphating batteries !

Again John Bedini claims that his techniques associated with lead acid battery maintenance to be novel but sadly those go back many more years than his so called motor.

Battery desulphation principles and techniques are as old as the lead acid battery itself. Google searches through patent archives reveal hundreds of patents relating to high voltage pulse techniques as far back as 1933 by the US Army and there are papers referring to the beneficial effects of high voltage pulse charging lead acid batteries going back to 1915 ! None of the patents claim a reliance on the wonders of 'Zero Point Radiant Energy’ nor to the discoveries of Tesla.

It is so sad to see the dogged determination of so many in their desires to believe a falsehood. Trawling through You Tube videos reveals the staggering efforts by so many and their substantial commitment and expenditure.

Roger Andrews patented a toy motor that relied on extremely simple circuitry. He developed it as a example of a fun and enjoyable scientific curiosity that might stimulate interest.

It is clear that his circuit continues to create substantial interest.

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